Does Staples Sell Stamps?

There are many people who come with the query “Does Staples sell stamps”?

Well, Staples offers one of the best platforms where you can purchase stamps.  Besides giving you a place to purchase office supplies, they are also used for mailing services. They deal in both single and book of stamps. You can also get to know envelopes along with other mailing services. Hence, this creates an awesome platform for Staples where you can purchase stamps.

does staples sell stamps


Does Staples Sell Stamps Guide

Staples is a popular entity and is quite a renowned and ever growing American office supply retailer. It has whopping 1,500 stores across United States. Considering the extensive locations where it has opened its stores, you are likely to get the nearest store which will be closer than you possibly think of. Yes, likewise you can purchase series of supplies in terms of stamps, rubber stamps, envelopes, boxes, tape, bubble wrap along with other important products. 

So, based on the availability of the Staples store, if that is the case, then you can get series of your requirements fulfilled and addressed without taking pains to search for a post office for buying stamps. Yes, you can purchase forever stamps as well as other mailing materials from a spacious and big retail store. 

Stamps which are sold at Staples are comparably cost effective with respect to USPS and FedEx. Considering the advancement which has been reported in the telecommunication sector, people have necessitated themselves to use those mediums which are comparably faster, cheaper and easier. The post office may have unnecessarily long queues and due to busy schedule, it may literally take a big chunk of their time for purchasing stamps. Although, there are vending machines available in post offices round the clock, but they are limited to urban areas. Similar companies that sell stamps such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, Spar, Circle K sell stamps

History of Staples

Thomas G. Stemberg and Leo Kahn are the founders of Staples. Many term their ‘association’ to be interesting as they were fierce rivals in the supermarket field. The idea to start the store hit him during the time when he working on a business advice. While searching for printer ribbon on different stores, he wasn’t lucky to get that. Therefore, the idea to start an office supply hit him and it transformed in the way of Staples. It was in the year 1986 that the first Staples shop was opened and thanks to the growing popularity Staples soon hit the Canadian market which saw the first shop in 1991. While there was no stopping for the man who has seen an increase in the business with different stores opening in various parts of the world. Yes, along the same, Swansea, UK witnessed the first store in 1987 as well. 

Stales continue to rise to the ladders of popularity and success. Currently, it has got several branches across the world and anyone can purchase stamps from them. 

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Services associated with Staples

The store has wide range of products in terms of bubble wrap, envelope, and tape, box along with other mailing materials which you can use towards sending your package or letter. You can avail school and office related supplies from various store in North America. The thing which enhances the sale of the products is its online presence where online site and mobile app comes handy. Customers can directly order stamps online along with buying forever stamps or book of stamps. 

While buying shipping supplies at the post office, you have to spend much more as compared to a Staple store. Although, USPS has the tag of being the cheapest way to send letters and parcel in the country. Yet, when there is a consideration of purchasing shipping materials, Staples stands way cheaper.

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Why buy at Staples?

The location of the stores are as such that people find them easily. Many of the readers may well be frequently visiting them as well. ‘Staples’ is considered as a one-stop-shop for different requirements associated with your office. The customer service associated with Staples is exemplary.

The staff is friendly and are professionally trained to assist customers. Staple is known for giving enhanced customer experience and while visiting the store, you will get a sneak peak of the same. Hence, it becomes quite a hassle free approach. In order to minimize the chance of any inconvenience, it is better to call the store as stamps may be out of stock. However, it is true that employees ensure the availability of stamps or products on continuous basis. 

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Samples buying programs

Staples Advantage Program gives you quite a reason for purchasing from the store. You receive points every time you purchase at Staples, and that can be redeemed from any outlet. This program is the best bet for the business owners who regularly purchase office supplies as they are entitled to get the lowest price.

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Can You Buy Stamps At Staples

Yes, definitely. You have to look for near by staples store and visit their. After that at customer counter you have to ask for postage stamps at staples. Pay the stamps money and get it.

So, in this way we have cleared the question does staples sell stamps or not. Hope, you found this article helpful. Also checkout other stores that sell stamps.

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