Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

USPS Delivery Times

USPS Delivery Times

There is no better way for an organization than to continuously win the hearts of customers by extending the purview of services, according to the changing requirements. Yes, the United States Postal Service has wholeheartedly realized the same where the delivery can now be done after the fixed office working hours. Yes, with regards to the query, “Does USPS deliver on Sunday?” let’s find out more.

The USPS was changed into an independent agency under the Postal Reorganization Act and it is an enormous family of dedicated, experienced and friendly employees numbering 644,124 along with over 211,264 vehicles as per the data of 2017.

About USPS Service

The USPS is bound to be at the service of everyone, irrespective of the geographical location one resides.

USPS realizes the exemplary love and affection which customers bestow on the company and has rightly become the preferred shipping service in the United States. It is true that ‘popularity’ also creates a sense of responsibility. It has become even more dutiful where it has geared up to counter the challenges arising due to love and affection of customers. Based on the current increasing demands, it is expediting the movement of packages irrespective of their locations, so as to ensure timely delivery.

USPS Shipping Information Explained

When it comes to availing shipping services, then USPS becomes possibly the most obvious choice which provides extensive services in the US along with its associated states. Thanks to the addition of delivery options on the weekend, it has also created quite a favorable service for ecommerce businesses. Now, quality service with timely delivery irrespective of geographical locations at affordable price is possible with USPS, as it is an esteemed US Federal Government’s independent agency.

There are certain factors which determine the USPS delivery on weekends. Let’s know them:-

  • The specific service which you have opted for
  • The geographical location in the US
  • The distance of the delivery location from the warehouse

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

Currently, the most obvious query before getting in touch with a specific courier service is to know whether it operates on weekends or not. More so, as there is a usual perception that Sunday being a holiday is a rest day. However, ‘Does USPS deliver on Sunday? Well, it does. When it comes to Sunday delivery, they deal in specific deliveries with respect to priority mail packages along with Amazon packages.

This has become a necessary method especially, when the demands have become huge and USPS has rightly adopted a mechanism to counter the same. Hence, only the above two mentioned deliveries are done on Sunday. In case of general shipments, they don’t take place on Sunday. Priority Mail Express has become the quickest national service and it just takes 1-3 business days for delivery. Additionally, it comes with cash back guarantee.

Cost of delivering on Saturday and Sunday

When the cost is concerned, the cost of deliveries on Saturday or Sunday is the same. It is dependent on the weight and dimensions of the packages. Since, the service is in-built with USPS services and as a result, one doesn’t need to spend anything extra especially for availing the weekend services.

Priority mail delivery on Sunday

The cost starts from $6.40 and flat rate up to 70lbs. There is no extra cost for delivery from Monday to Saturday. While the delivery is ensured within 1-3 working days

Priority Mail Express delivery on Sunday

The cost of delivery starts from $2.95 and flat rate up to 70lbs. The delivery is open round the year without any additional charge and one can expect the delivery to be done within 1-2 working days. Although, delivery during Sunday night does come with a charge

Let’s now take a look at the Frequently asked Questions

What time does USPS deliver on Sunday?

Usually, the time of delivery is based and related with the local post office timing. It can be better understood with an example. Like if you are in Aurora, Colorado, then the timings of delivery is between 9 am and 1 pm. While, if you consider other areas or locations in Colorado, then USPS delivers between 11 am and 3 pm. As per the nature of USPS Priority mail express which offers sure-cut delivery next day or based on the faraway zip codes, then it offers delivery on the second day. Hence, with regards to the timings, one can expect the shipments from priority mail express to arrive by 10:30 AM or based on the location of your delivery.

Does USPS work 7 days a week?

Mostly, offices are at the service of people from Monday to Saturday with the exception of few which are open on Sunday as well. Delivery is mostly done from Monday to Saturday while the deliveries of Amazon Packages and Priority Express Mails are conducted on Sunday. Hence, USPS distribution centers along with bulk mail processing centers are open to enhance the delivery of route mail along with packages reaching the desired place. Since, it is not open for the general public, so people can’t entertain themselves from the center on this day.

Does USPS function on public holidays?

The public holidays signify the historical importance and hold the highest grounds for citizens including employees and staff associated with USPS to celebrate such occasions. Hence, USPS doesn’t work on public holidays.

When did USPS start with package delivery on Sundays?

2013 was the year when USPS started the delivery for in Los Angeles and New York City on Sundays as part of a testing phase. It took no time for them to extend and spread to other metro areas, based on the huge response they got across the U.S.

Final thoughts

This is how the post is able to address the associated queries in detail. Now, people in the United States don’t have to raise queries in the USPS forum as everyone has got the answer to the basic query, “Does USPS deliver on Sunday?” It feels great to even receive parcels on Sunday where you don’t have to wait. Isn’t it?

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