First Class Postage To Canada

Shipping to Canada looks to be easy but it really is not. This should be easy as shipping within the continental United States as it’s part of the same landmass. The shipments to Canada are considered to be international and are therefore subject to the international shipping rates.  The United States postal services (USPS), federal express (FedEx), and that of the united parcel service (USP) at the ship to Canada. For those envelopes and light parcels, USPS is one of the most affordable carriers, USPS transports all the envelopes and parcels to the border and where they give them to the Canada post who ultimately delivers them to their final destination. 

First Class Postage To Canada - Guide

First Class Postage To Canada – Guide

USPS bears maximum parcels weighing around 66 pounds when they are shipped to Canada. And for this, the UPS tends to be the most affordable option. But for those who want to have their parcel arrive quickly in or at a certain specific time frame, then the most excelling one can be FedEx. The reason for this is the best shipping option and this offers definitive delivery days and also has several shipping services. It’s always preferable that the USPS is among the best option for the shipment for most of the letters. And the postage rates will surely reflect the USPS prices. 

Postage for postcards to Canada:-

Postcards are shipped through the USPS with the use o international postage rates. For shipping postcards to Canada, it will need $1.20 in postage and this can be covered with one of the global and first-class forever stamps of around $ 1.20 or the three first-class forever stamps of $ 1.65. These USPS ones define the postcards are rectangular cards with a dimension between 3.5x 5.0×0.007 inches and 4.25 x 6.0 x 0.016 inches. But the cards that stand outside the provided dimension require additional postage charges. 

Apart from the above, the envelopes can be sent to Canada with the use of international postage rates with the USPS.  Shipping this envelope weighing less than three ounces to Canada. This will require postage of $ 1.20. The posters can also use the global first class stands which are forever that worth $ 1.20 or these three first-class forever stamps of $ 1.65. If the envelope weighs more than three ounces, then there will be a need for an additional $ 0.49 in postage for every single additional ounce. 

The USPS defines standard envelopes as the ones with dimensions between 3.5x 5.0 x 0.25 inches and 6.125 x 11.5 x 0.25 inches. Once you see that the envelope is quite rigid or not rectangular. Then your envelope is going to be considered as nonmachinable which means it will need some kind of hand sorted. Even there are non-machinable envelopes that require an additional $ 0.21 in postage. 

Postage charges for large envelopes to Canada:-

The large envelopes will be sent to Canada with the use of international postage rates with the USPS. This USPS will only consider the large envelopes with dimensions between 6.125 x 11.5 x 0.25 inches and inches. The postage required to mail large envelopes is quite dependent on the weight of the envelope. Using the weight machine, the calculation of the postage is done which is required to send packages to Canada. This is based on the size and weight of the parcel. The users can calculate the cost of the postage for the parcel with the help of the USPS postage price calculator. 

How to use the postage price calculator:-

For calculating the postage price with the calculator;-

  • Follow the link to the USPS postage price calculator. 
  • Under the “what’s the destination country” drop-down menu, select “Canada”. 
  • Next enter the Zip codes for your shipping location and destination. The USPS postage price calculator bears a convenient postal code identifier for the Canadian municipalities and provinces. But if you don’t know your destination postal code offhand. 
  • Enter the date and time of when planning to ship your parcel. 
  • Next select the type of parcel that you wish to send. 
  • Then a new page will appear with the price of various shipping options in the area. 

As a person, you are free to choose the shipping method for the choice based on the desired delivery date. Once determined, the shipping method that you wish to use. You can have a print of the label using the USPS click-N-Ship. 

For avoiding any kind of issues with the calculation of your package’s size and weight. You can also ship the items using the USPS flat rate boxes. Flat rate boxes are available at various sizes and can easily be shipped for certain standard rates. You can visit the USPS priority mail for information relating to flat rate shipping options. 

Delivery times to Canada:-

There is a certain average delivery time for the postcards as well as the first-rate envelopes that are mailed with the USPS first class mail international in 7-21 days. If you have mailed a postcard or the envelopes using the priority mail international instead of the delivery time which is shortened to 6- 10 days. This priority mail express international is quite an expensive option for the postcards as well as the letters. But it guarantees the delivery in 3-5 days.  

The packaging delivery time is quite dependent on the carrier as well as the shipping method that you are choosing. Even the customers can delay their package delivery. Generally, these parcels are shipped with the USPS, FedEx, and UPS which takes around 2-7 days for reaching the final destination. 

Customs forms for shipment to Canada:-

The parcels that are shipped to Canada need customs forms. The packages which enter Canada are screened by the Canadian border services agency or the CBSA. For any of the packages over $ 20, CAD is going to be charged with additional handling fees. Those shipping with UPS, you can complete the customs forms with the use of UPS electronic data interchange. Those shipping with FedEx can complete the customs forms with the electronic trade documents from FedEx.

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