First Class Postage To USA

First Class Postage USA: The USPS provides a massive range of services for US citizens to take benefit of sending mail, but there is nothing more famous than first-class mail. First Class Postage is used for letters, postcards, big envelopes, and small packages, and it is a highly renowned and inexpensive method to send various items.

First-class postage delivery is the most excellent option than the standard or other mail, and local mail will take nearly 2-3 days to deliver. First Class Postage is the best option if you plan to deliver time-sensitive or essential personal information.  

First-Class postage or mail comprises sending and return services with no extra cost. Although there are no guaranteed sending times for letters, First Class Mail, or packages, it will take nearly two to three days to reach their final place in the US.

All over the country, first-class mail should be delivered in almost four days. If a First Class mail is unreliable, the company will send the mail to the correct location or get back to the sender, occasionally at extra cost.

First Class Postage To USA - Guide

First Class Postage To USA – Guide

About First Class Postage USA

First Class Postage is the best and cheap method to deliver envelopes, small postcards, and lightweight packages. Several new businesses and home businesses use First-Class Mail to provide letters and postcards. First-Class postage is a high top priority category than Retail Ground, Marketing Mail, or Media Mail. First Class Mail from the USPS provides the maximum service levels for sending letters, direct mail postcards, and small packages in the US (United States).

Anything you deliver to consumers, comprising invoices, bills, mails, and merchandise, may be sent through the First-Class, as long as the weight of your mail is not more than 3 ounces and the weight of your parcel should be 13. First-Class Mail or Postage charges are similar no matter how far the mail goes and comprises dispatching and return services. First-Class mail is an extremely common class due to its quick, simple, easy, and inexpensive services.

First Class Postage USA – Requirement, Weight and Size Restrictions: 


  • Because it is very inexpensive and fast, the USPS has set many criteria that all mailings must meet if they qualify for First-Class mail in the initial place.
  • Flats Maximum Weight: 13 Oz. When it finishes, it becomes a priority mail)
  • Minimum Weight of First Class Postage: None
  • Maximum Weight of All Letters: Nearly 4 Oz.
  • Commingle Pricing (Minimum Quantity): 500 Pieces
  • Pre-Sort Investments and Necessities: The Zipcode, NCOA updates should be CASS certified. Due to the low cost and fastest delivery, postage savings can be up to 20%.

Weight and Size Restrictions: 

  • For First-Class Mail Letters: The minimum size is 3½ x 5 inches, maximum weight is 3.5 ounces, and permitted width is 0.009 x ¼ inch.
  • For First-Class Mail Postcards: The maximum size is 4¼ x 6 inches, and the permitted width is 0.007 inches to 0.016 inches.
  • For First-Class Mail Flats (Big Postcards): The minimum size is 6⅛ x 11½ inches, maximum weight is 13 ounces, maximum size is 12 x 15 inches, and permitted width is ¼ to ¾ inch.
  • First-Class Package Facilities: The maximum size does not exceed 108 inches in length and circumference, and the maximum weight is 13 ounces.

First-Class Postage Prices: 

First-Class mail is among the least costly delivery options you may select to benefit when delivering something via the USPS. First-Class Mail prices differ according to location and category. USPS provides low-cost postage and shipping rates for international and domestic customers. First-Class mail cost is $0.55 for every envelope irrespective of how far the postage travels.

First-Class Mail postage comprises delivery and returns facilities. A First-Class mail letter costs you $0.55 to deliver the first ounce weighed, followed by a charge of $ 0.15 per ounce for each additional ounce. A First-Class postcard will set you back $0.36 for one postcard or $0.35 for a printed or stamped postcard.

The first-class postage rate depends on the mail class, combination of weight, location, and shape. In addition to postage for sending, it also provides several specialized services like Tracking, Certified mail, and Insurance. You have the option to update or upgrade your First-Class mail to Certified Mail or Registered Mail too.

  • First-Class Mail Letter – Each Extra Ounce: $0.20
  • First-Class Mail Letter (1 Oz.): $0.55
  • First-Class Mail Flat Or Big Envelope (1 Oz.): $1.00
  • First-Class Mail Flat Or Big Envelope – Each Additional Ounce: $0.20
  • Postcard: $0.36

Main Benefits: 

  • First Class Mail is the top-rated service rather than Standard Mail. First Class Postage is usually delivered in 2 to 3 days, and it will take 4 to 5 days to reach any place in the United States of America. You may also receive first-class mail in old addresses.
  • Sending time for First Class mail remains reliable and at the time of peak mailing times, as the USPS prioritizes it over other mail categories.
  • First Class postage is an extremely fast option that delivers the mail between two and three business days.
  • Old addresses and 12 to 18 months old steps are returned to the sender at no cost. Within 12 months, the mail moves on its own or gets back to the sender.
  • USPS First-Class Mail is the most inexpensive option. Remember it; this service is equipped for documents, letters, emails, and thin-flat items.
  • First Class mail is sparsely touched and processed rapidly, keeping in mind the mail item’s highest integrity.
  • Especially valuable when you are delivering business information, essential cards, personal details. You will need a particular date and a whole host that you will send in the mail, particularly as a small business – First-Class mail is reliable and affordable.
  • I hope you enjoyed reading about First Class Postage USA information.

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Final Conclusion:

First Class Postage is a highly well-known and cheap way to send letters, standard postcards, large envelopes, and small items. First Class Postage is considered the top level of mailed materials than Second Class Postage, Third Class Postage, and Fourth Class Postage. If you want to ask something more about the First Class Postage USA, let us know by leaving the comment in the below-stated box.

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