What Is USPS ButterFly Stamp Value 2021 ?

Are you looking to get butterfly stamps or just want information regarding usps butterfly stamp ? If yes, then kindly stay tuned with us. In below article, I have shared all the information regarding butterfly stamps 2021 and its value.

The U.S. Postal Service communicates the first of a new set of postal tags to make it easy for consumers to greet the card to see how many postages they should place in the enclosures on December 30, 2009, the Greeting Card Association (GCA). The new 64-cent stamp is intend for use on cards of an unusual form and extra postage.

Moreover, to make it easier for consumers to stand the current stamp or the counterpart of postal services, participating manufacturers can print an illustration of a butterfly in their envelopes. One of the most familiar butterflies in North America, the monarch, is the first design in this new series. It is on display at the Jacob Javits Center in New York on May 17, 2010. The exhibition is being organized. The stamp is issued as a 20-page stamp.

usps butterfly stamp

What is USPS Butterfly Stamp?

In May 2010, USPS launched the Butterfly stamp as a new set of stamps, in collaboration with the GCA, to make it easier for consumers to welcome their postage. Likewise, the Butterfly Stamp series has been designed for cards with an unusual form that requires extra postage and is known for its wide butterfly style. The butterfly cards on the envelopes are marked with a printed butterfly silhouette. It shall use both the 1-ounce first-class post office post, an equivalent of standard forever, and the unusable supplement on the Butterfly stamp.

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Background of USPS Butterfly Stamp:

Extra postal era, named unmachined surcharge, on first-class email mails when the US Postal Service requires an envelope.

  1. The square or the aspect ratio does not match length divided by height not within 1.3 to 2.5.
  2. It is stiff and not easy to bend.
  3. Moreover it includes objects causing irregular mailpieces.
  4. Has an address parallel to the letter’s shorter dimension (vertical setup).
  5. The additional fee is now 20 cents, whereas not machineable.


In partnership, USPS and the GCA have collaborated to create a classic stamp scheme to ease postage identification for such “non-compressible” envelopes for customers and postage personnel.

Features of the legendary stamp:

  1. A new post stamp includes both the first-class 1-unit postal mail and the unshakable surcharge, together with a readily recoverable graph.
  2. A corresponding classic graph that is reproduce on envelopes with extra mailings.

The GCA encourages greeting card firms producing “non-machine” cards to print the matching icons on their wrap in the upper right corner. USPS creates the famous postal stamp. Moreover, the combination of the stamp and the accompanying symbol would facilitate the easy identification of additional postage by customers and postal staff. By adding this icon to non-machinable envelopes, we think that can increase the percentage of cards sent with the appropriate mailing can be improved.

Non-machinable surcharge:

Whereas, an extra USPS bill for first-class mail is a non-machinable surcharge that does not work with an automatic postal service scheme and must be hand-canceled by workers USPS. The US supplement is now $0.15 for non-making purposes.

When do I use a butterfly stamp?

The GCA collaborated with card makers to similarly to the use of the Butterfly Stamp. It printed a silhouette picture of a Butterfly on the envelopes by participating card producers with a text reading “Butterfly stamp or Equivalent Post Needed.”

  1. Instead of a regular first-class mail forever stamp, you can use a butterfly stamp envelope.
  2. Is square or does not meet the standard envelope aspect ratio (length divided by height not within 1.3 to 2.5)
  3. It is stiff and is not easy to bend. 
  4. Whereas it contains objects, including clasps, ribbons, and buttons that cause the envelope to be uneven.
  5. Has an address parallel to the smaller letter size

If a Butterfly Stamp is not available, you will be approved with many stamps with the same postage. However, you don’t overpay on the mail using the Butterfly stamp.

What’s the stamp of a butterfly?

Likewise, the cost of a butterfly stamp is $0.70. Butterfly stamps is always honor at the postage rate print on them, similar to a forever stamp. 

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What’s the Butterfly Stamp nowadays?

The seventh series of the Butterfly Stamp was issued on 27 January 2019 by USPS. Whereas, California Dogface Butterfly is the latest Butterfly Stamp (Zerene Eurydice). The prints, which show a stylized, yet minimal image of a male California Dogface, were made digitally and produced by artistic director Derry Noyes by nationally. California Dogface, the state insect of California, has its name in the wings of the species’ man and is similar to the poodle’s undeniable profile, according to the distinctive yellow dog’s head markings. Whereas, this is not the first time a stamp has appeared with the California Dogface; in 1977, it featured 1 of 4 butterflies on a 13-cent stamp sheet with the Colias Eurydice mark. Prior installations, including and its feature, which is illustrate by artist.

  1. 2010 Monarch Butterfly stamp (0.64 dollars)
  2. 2013 Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly (1.65 dollars) 
  3. 2013 Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly(5.66 dollars)
  4. 2014 Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly (0.90 dollars) 
  5. 2015 East Tigers Butterfly Swallowtail (0.71 dollar)
  6. 2016 Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly (0.68 dollars).

Frequently Asked Questions :- 

Que 1. Can I use butterfly stamp for regular mail ? 

Ans :- Yes, you can use usps butterfly stamp for regular mails.

Que 2. How much does a butterfly postage stamp cost ?

Ans :-  Butterfly stamps cost is 0.70$

Que 3.  Can I use two forever stamps instead of a butterfly stamp ?

Ans :-  Yes, why not. Its all depend on the size of envelope.

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